The Grasshopper and the ants

R Abhinaya

VI STD – A Sec, Adhyapana School, Madurai


  The Grasshopper and the ant

Once upon a time in a thick rainforest … There were only snakes and insects thriving.  At a corner of the forest, lived a happy lazy grasshopper and his neighbor’s ants. 

One day, as the grasshopper was munching on grapes and leaves, he glared at the ants.  ‘Hah ! it’s no use to work all the time…. Come sit and sing with me’ the grasshopper laughed… ‘We are preparing food for the queens babies and for the cold winters’ !   an ant said.  ‘Oh ! Winter is a long way ! Enjoy while you can!’ the grasshopper chuckled.   Next day, the ants were building another ant hive ‘ha-ha!’ ! the Grasshopper interrupted … ‘Now you’re building a house… Why can’t you take a break and much on food all day long like me ! ?’  the grasshopper chuckled.  ‘We are building a food ware house, for the winter’ an ant told.  ‘Ha! like I said yesterday, no work , all play!’ the grasshopper cackled merrily.  ‘Oh , Just you see how cold you will be in the winter!’ an angry winged ant said.  ‘Ha … ha …’ the grasshopper.  ‘I have a stick home!  It won’t be cold’ the grasshopper continued. 

Slowly, months passed.  It is a very windy, harsh winter.  The Wind was so strong that it blew away the grasshopper home into a river.  Now, in order to survive, the grasshopper headed to the nearby ant hive.  He knocked and the winged ant from before opened ‘See?  I knew it!’  the winged ant exclaimed.  ‘It’s ok, bring him in’ said a deep voice.  It was the queen ant.  ‘I have heard many complaints about you ridiculing my children’.  ‘Huh?  Who are the children?’ the grasshopper asked.  Just then, many ants swarmed along him.  ‘They are my children.  Apologize’ the queen ant said.  ‘Sorry!!’ the grasshopper muttered.  ‘Louder!’ the queen ant demanded. ‘I’m sorry for my crass actions! The grasshopper screamed with foolishness and shame.  ‘It’s alright! But never repeat your previous action ever again’ the queen said.  ‘Ok! Are you making apple cake and millet porridge?  I can help you’ the grasshopper happily said.   ‘Sure!’ One ant said.   And together they cooked and lived happily ever after.

Moral of the story: Do not ridicule anyone.  You never know when they will help you. 

Peter and the Artic Hills  


Ginger (Tabby) 

Bella (Siamese Mix Grey Cat) 

Peter (Black Panther Cub) 

Mr Purrs(Purorange Cat) 

Tommy the dog 

Sundae (Axolotl) 

The Bird Group (Icer, Twilight, Casper, Clover, Mallow, (Parakeets) and Diva (Swan) 

Humans (1-20 humans) 

Rock and Lexi (Stag and Doe) 

Chapter: 1 on a Truck! 

NYAHAHAHHA!” Bella Laughed “Oh Ginger, you’ve become a bit chubby, did you?” Bella said sitting near a car 

“I drank too much milk, ok?” Ginger Said Angrily “By the way… Meet Mr Purrs! My Fast but Fancy Friend! “Hello…” Purrs said politely “You must be Ginger! Bella told me a lot about you!” Continued Purrs “Oh! Yes! You Must Be Purrs!” said Ginger. 

“I want you meet the amazing…” 

“BIRD GROUP!” Exclaimed Purrs and Bella. 

Here, Icer, Twilight and Mallow! They are a family! Icer, The Blue, Common dad! Twilight, The lemonade expert, yellow as the sun! Mallow! The Curious Hatchling! Casper, the Aggressive Queen! Clover! The Gentle King!! Diva! The Large, Strong Swan!” 

And… Lexi! The Cutest and Sweetest Doe! Rock! The Super Strong Stag! And Sundae! The Cold-Blooded Reptile! 

Tommy! The Sweetest and Loyal Dog!” 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where did a Mexican Reptile, a Swan and Deer Came from?” Bella and Mr Purrs Shrugged to show that they didn’t know. Afternoon, Ginger went to Peter’s Burrow. “Hey Pete, Have Heard of Mr.Purr-” said Ginger 

“Yeah! He’s the cat of an exotic pet dealer!” Peter Replied before Ginger could even finish his sentence. “No wonder why he bought so many random animals…” “Hey, why not we meet up at the abandoned park?” Peter said “Sure!” Exclaimed Ginger. Then, Ginger went to Bella’s tree. “BELLA? PURRS? BIRD GROUP? THE RANDOM ANIMALS?” Ginger meowed  

At first there was no response, but the bird group flied down and settled on a car. “Hey birds! Have You Seen Purrs?” 

All of them said no except Clover “Follow me!” Clover Chirped After following, they saw that Purrs, Bella, Sunday, The Deers, Tommy and Peter were on an open back of a pickup truck. Sundae was in a Comfy Fish Tank. There were some big and small boxes so they hid in it. Luckily, Tommy’s Owner owned this truck so he didn’t have to hide. Whew! (Note: the story’s main character is ginger and is also the narrator) It was Cramped and Stuffy inside! Since Sadly, Tommy’s Owner didn’t care about him and won’t check on him Tommy told us to get out of the box. Diva said “They are probably going to Artic Hills! Maybe I’ll Drop the Birds and The Cats There. I made them Sweaters!” After they wore their sweaters, Diva carried the cats and Mallow the Hatchling while the parakeets fly around Diva. All that left was Tommy, The Deers and Sundae. Tommy made Sundae Another Aquarium where She can burrow, swim and hide. Tommy knew that when they are near a hotel, they’re going to check the back of the truck. The Deers and Sundae hid themselves in a comfier box quickly. After Diva Realised that they went to a hotel to stay for 5 days, she returned to Tommy.  

“It was so cold! We even saw a fox pup! We saw a wedding going on there. I stole as much food and punch (a drink) I could. Here! Some Bread!” Said Bella and Mallow “You all are sneaky raccoons!” Said Sunday with a smile. “Oh it’s about time to sleep…  NOCTURNALS…ATTACK THE DAWN AND THE DUSK!” All the nocturnals set off to find food